CCS is proud to announce American Heart Association Fundraiser.

CCS is proud to announce to agent affiliate program. 2009 is the year of expansion. For first time in 12 years, CCS is offering agents the ability to tap CCS's amazing resource base!

Fabric Manufacturer with 10 showrooms saves $150,000 by signing new telecommunications contract

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The easiest way to increase your bottom line is by reducing costs. In today's economy this can mean the difference between survival and extinction as well as the potential loss of good employees.

Cost Containment Strategies is a national procurement services firm that helps businesses of all sizes including small, middle market and large corporations achieve significant cost-savings.   Since 1997, we've helped hundreds of clients achieve their cost savings and cash flow objectives.

What is Cost Containment?

Process of reducing organizational costs within a specified budget; restraining expenditures to meet organizational or project financial targets.

How Much Will We SAVE?

Savings vary with every client. Normal savings range from 10% to 35% but can be even HIGHER!

Seamless Implementation:

The best part is CCS uses its proprietary implementation trade secrets to make sure that implementation leaves you with little or NO down time!