Over 90% of leases contain billing errors. A lease audit can significantly reduce expenses and could potentially recover thousands even million s of dollars of overpayments due to your company.

Commercial tenants are often required to pay for their fair share of building operating expenses including utilities and taxes. Since leases are complex it is common for landlords to incorrectly calculate a tenant's bills. The burden is on the tenant to identify errors and bring them to the landlord's attention. Most companies just don't have the time or resources available so they simply continue to unknowingly over pay their bills.

Our providers have the proven experience to know what to look for and have attained successful results for thousands of companies nationally. By identifying billing errors and recovering rent overpayments CCS's specialists ensure that your landlords billing practices comply with the original lease terms. Our vendors implement programs to ensure that your costs continue to be controlled on an ongoing basis. The right combination of programs can significantly reduce your real estate occupancy costs.

We find by approaching the landlord in a non-adversarial manner most cases never require legal action at all. This is because all claims are fully-documented and legitimate. Previous clients have included many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Contact CCS today and let our consultants show you how to reduce the costs associated with your company's real estate portfolio.