Building or growing the business of your dreams is easy when you finance your equipment with CCS's finance program. Our providers can finance all types of business equipment. Some examples are but not limited to; phone systems, office furniture, computers, copy machines and so on... With our wide array of lending sources you will be sure to get the most flexible, convenient, and affordable financing options. We can service A, B, C credit and even start ups. With our $1 buyout program you will own your equipment at the end of your desired term. For your convenience Lease One will bundle all of your equipment into one manageable lease payment. For more information please request a quote from your CCS agent.

ADVANTAGES of Leasing or Financing:

Added Credit Availability
Bank credit lines are not affected, so you retain your bank borrowing capacity for other needs.

Conserves Working Capital Financing
Equipment leasing finances 100% of the equipment cost, leaving precious working capital for other needs.

Improves Cash Flow
Equipment leasing allows you to pay for the equipment as income is earned from its use.

Tax Deductible
In many cases, equipment lease payments can be treated as a fully tax deductible expense .

Quick, Easy and Less Expensive
The whole equipment leasing process is faster, simpler, and often less costly than other equipment financing alternatives. Our leases are always less costly than normal credit card lines.