Fabric Manufacturer with 10 showrooms saves $150,000 by signing new telecommunications contract

Since 1997, the management team at CCS has specialized in providing custom tailored, cost reduction strategies to businesses of all sizes. These strategies are guaranteed to generate significant savings in multiple expense categories while reducing the time spent procuring services. Our clients achieve maximum profitability without sacrificing any quality. We provide guidance that allows you to manage your costs effectively while reducing your expenses year after year. Our programs have proven to yield results of anywhere from 10% to 35% on average.

At CCS, we’re able to ensure the lowest possible rates for our clients by negotiating with your existing service providers as well as several alternate providers we do business with. Through our years of experience, we know what the market has to offer and it is our job to find the options that are best suited to our clients’ specific needs. All of this is done without any sacrifice to quality or the level of service you currently receive. In most cases our vendors service far exceeding the level of service you currently receive.

Although we work with organizations of all sizes, our intent is not to replace your current purchasing team. Our goal is to assist them in making the most of their time while getting the best possible results for your company. Throughout the process we remain completely non-biased by operating independently of any single supplier, agent or outside influences.

At CCS, it is our PROMISE to always keep your best interests in mind. We strive to be the last vendor you ever choose to work with!

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